Wealth and Abundance? Weight loss? Solfeggio? My Angels? Shop for custom Healy programs that have already been created and are available for purchase now at $48 USD each! Purchase 2 to 5 programs for $39 USD each!  Purchase 6 or more programs for $33 USD each! Discount will automatically be applied at checkout.


This is where you can store extra programs that do not fit on your Therapist Programs page.

Here is how it works.
I will be offering a storage area called TREASURE CHEST. This is a storage area for programs you purchase from me so that you can keep them instead of deleting them since you only have 12 spaces for programs. The programs can be exchanged back and forth by sending me your TAN and choice of programs you would like to transfer.

You will not have to pay a subscription fee when you order new programs if you purchased your Healy before July 7, 2021.

Make sure to include your Healy TAN in the NOTES section at Checkout so your programs can be sent to your device!