1056 Hz   Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)  Heals the Solar Plexus Chakra
1278 Hz    Connecting/Relationships, Heals the Heart Chakra
1482 Hz    Awakening Intuition  Heals the Throat Chakra
1704 Hz    Returning to Spiritual Order Heals the 3rd Eye/Anja Chakra
1926 Hz    Conscious Disciplined Connection to Spirit,  Heals the Crown Chakra
348 Hz      Unification With Spirit- Become Light  Heals the Soul Star Chakra
570 Hz      Unification with Gaia,   Heals the Earth Star Chakra
792 Hz      Liberating Guilt and Fear, Heals the Root/Base Chakra
834 Hz      Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change.  Sacral Chakra
Contains Mana of the Big Island of Hawaii where my roots are.  Mana is the spiritual life force energy or healing power that permeates the universe.
These are the Solfeggio frequencies that are one octave up.
Example 528 Hz has been replaced with 1056 Hz.  The effects take the frequencies to the next level.
Here is a simple explanation. 🧐
The Heart of the Earth vibrates at 128hz (once again it is a little more complex than that), and as frequency moves in octaves, this opens your Heart at 256hz and ultimately opens your Heart to the Heart of the Galaxy (512hz)
In order to send your custom program(s) to your Healy device, I will need your PRACTITIONER TAN. This can be found by logging into your Healy PINK DOT app and in the menu (near the bottom) is an option titled PRACTIONER TAN. You will need to ENABLE this and send me the 9 digit code that is generated. It is very important that you also select “OK” once the code is generated.
Please include your TAN in the  NOTES SECTION when submitting your custom program order!

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