Hello! Thank you so much for visiting my website! My name is Derek Nakamura; I am a TimeWaver User based out of Hawaii where I also practice healing massage therapy since 2000 (and I still enjoy working on clients!). Everything changed for me in 2009 when my wife returned home from a Bioresonance session and immediately told me that we needed the same system. Unfortunately, that particular system would require me to learn Russian so we did more research to try to find a device that would be easier to understand with support in English. In 2010 we started with a system from the UK and it was just two years later that we found TimeWaver. I started with TimeWaver Med and then added TimeWaver Frequency in 2017 after attending the TimeWaver World Conference in Germany. And, now, naturally, we have added the Healy to our family of TimeWaver devices and are successfully working with clients all over the world.

I offer a variety of services through my frequency therapy practice. If you have a Healy device and are interested in “out of the box” custom programs that I have already created, you can place your order today with just a few clicks.

I also offer more personalized service as well where I can create custom programs for your Healy device that are specific to your needs. And, of course I also provide full TimeWaver sessions too. If interested in either of these custom options, please request a session today.

Thank you so much for visiting my website!