Co-Creations are programs created in interconnected collaboration with Healer’s from other Healing modalities.  When you bring the right skills to the table, adopt the right mindset, and incorporate the right digital tools into the mix, working together towards achieving a common objective will oftentimes spark a synergy that cannot be attained by one.  By integrating Knowledge, Insight and Experience with the frequencies from my Personal database, magic happens.

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Co-created with Nicola Burbidge – Energy Healer and Energetic Vaccine Removal Practitioner
“V” is created from Nicola’s experience of removing the Vaccine energetically from the body. The program is designed to facilitate healing and repair after receiving the Vaccine/COVID (or the effects of quantum vaccine/covid). We have created this program based on the protocol Nicola uses in the Vaccine removal sessions- you will receive the program in the exact order that is best to calm, open and release vaccine energy from the body- a similar order to Nicola’s healing sessions.
Frequencies used in this program (In order):
Heart Opening
Inner Guidance and Intuition
Pineal Gland Healing
Heart Chakra soothing and balancing
Solar Plexus for personal power and activating the inner healer
Sacral Chakra Healing
Root Chakra Healing
Cerebrospinal repair
Nerve Regeneration
Heart function normalizing and stimulation
Circulation normalize and repair
Stem cells
Lymphatic detox and normalizing
Organ Detox
Toxin Detox
Reproductive Organ Healing
Cellular Vitality and Repair
DNA/RNA Repair
Cell Rejuvenation
Healing of the Self
Finding Peace
Vitality and Energy Stimulant
Archangel Metatron Protection

This program will assist both Vaccinated and Unvaccinated users. We have to be aware of the effects of quantum covid and vaccine energies affecting the collective as a whole. The energy of both the Vaccine and COVID are very similar, so the program is helpful for everyone at this time.
It will assist with any side effects, with the focus on heart, emotional regulation, personal power, intuition and connection to source, circulatory system, nervous system, lethargy, cell damage, detox and repairing of body tissue.
Themes of the program (derived from Nicola’s experience of Vaccine removals)
The Heart:
The most affected part of the body is the heart. This is the place the Vaccine anchors into the body, it’s the place we see most damage and side effects, and it’s the part of the body that has been most targeted. We set the intention for the heart space to be opened into love, receivership and compassion. With these frequencies you can experience an ease with life, releasing fear, grief and doubt, opening up to love for yourself, others and the world. These frequencies are moving us into new world consciousness and will help us evolve into higher states of being.
The heart organ is the most targeted, with inflammation being a common effect of the vaccine. We focused a lot of energy into this area, including frequencies to help the holistic healing of the heart organ and releasing the tethers of the vaccine energy from this space.
Staying Calm, Centered and Grounded:
This is one of the most important areas of focus right now. The vaccine and COVID energy is based on fear, removing our sense of safety, stability and security, and invoking a state of panic. We put an array of frequencies in the program to help restore inner balance and calm. Inner peace is so important at this time and is vital for moving forward into new states of consciousness in the world. (After testing, I felt this element the strongest from the program- feeling grounded, more at one with the world and open to life- Nicola). There is so much available to us when we step into the depths of groundedness, as abundance of life is literally magnetized to us in this state.
Connecting to God/Universe:
The god gene- a big topic of discussion right now. As we know, using frequencies in any capacity helps strengthen your ability to connect to God, however we focused on amplifying this, calling on angelic realms and beings from other worlds (Pleiades, Orion, etc.) to help feel supported and activated. This will increase your ability to know what’s right for you, to tap into your intuition and seek out guidance from your higher self.
Activating the Individual consciousness:
Individuality is a gift that is being forgotten. We strengthen the knowing of thyself in V, through activating the Pineal Gland, creating remembrance of the individual consciousness, targeting the solar plexus, self-healing frequencies and becoming a conscious co-creator in your world. You’ll feel a strengthened sense of self, of purpose and of knowing. You are powerful.
Nervous System:
Strengthening the ability to stay calm, centered and stable, but also targeting the physicality of the nervous system in the body, helping side effects and regulation of the stress response.
Circulatory System:
Adding onto the heart, we put detail and attention into the blood vessels around the body, increasing circulation and assisting with the body’s response to side effects in the body. This also aids in cell repair and moving energy throughout the body to improve bodily function overall.
Cell Repair:
Improving cellular function with stem cells, DNA/RNA repair frequencies and aiding in the improvement of lethargy (a common side effect). We have focused on cellular vitality to improve the overall function of the body, and to release any excess energy and waste from the body.
Holistically detoxing the body- physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and energetically. There is a great importance on releasing the excess from the body right now, allowing your organs and tissues to repair and recover. Releasing what no longer serves you and allowing you to receive the abundant frequencies of the program simultaneously.
As we go deep into the layers of the body in this program, the most important ending to it all is to protect the energy field. We called on Archangel Metatron for this, but have also set intentions for all that receive V to be protected from anything that’s not in their highest good.
As we move into the new world, we can utilize V to open into grounded, calm, centered energy. We can open our hearts to each other, to ourselves and to the world. The program allows us to tap into our higher self, opening up to guidance from other realms and activating the god gene. When we come together in love and compassion, we expand the consciousness of the world and release fear-based Vaccine/Covid Energy from our being. This is an exciting time on the planet and for humanity. We are all literally birthing a new age into existence and this program is designed to aid us through this transformation process.
Nicola has infused the program with the intention of removing any unwanted vaccine energy from the being. Your intention is everything while using this program, and we will send through some affirmations to help guide you to the most fruitful use of these frequencies. Remember you are loved; you are powerful and you are your greatest healer.
If you have specific side effects you’d like addressed you can book a consultation with me, by clicking on ‘request consult’ above, or contact Nicola for a Vaccine Removal Session or Energy Healing at (@nicolaburbidge on Facebook and Instagram).
  • I release what is no longer in my highest and best good.
  • I am open to receiving these healing energies.
  • I release the vaccine energy from my being.
  • I am healthy, happy and centered in my own energy.
  • I am powerful.
  • I create beauty in the world.
  • I am calm, centered and stable.
  • My body is strong, healthy and expansive.
  • I am God/source/universe.
  • My intuition is strong and I know what’s right for me in this moment.
  • With this program I receive cellular healing, emotional stability and expand into new levels of health.
  • I am the creator. I am powerful. I am my own greatest healer.
  • My heart is open, my mind is strong, I am powerful.
  • My body loves me. I love my body.

Co-Created with Debra Hastings- Reiki, Massage therapist and many other forms of energy and bodywork. Plant Medicine, Colour Therapies, Flora Corona Practitioner Certification, Holistic Nutrition Certification with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. A teacher of Aura Soma, and participates in the practitioner program with Anthony William, the Medical Medium as well as a Soul Collage Facilitator.
The Illuminations – A Unique Journey using Frequency Programs
Welcome to The Illuminations, a set of four programs co-created with TimeWaver specialist, Derek Nakamura.
March 2020 was an interesting time for many, and while the world became very quiet, another voice was heard.
It was during this time that The Tarot of the Ascended Earth was born.
This deck is based on the traditional teachings of the tarot and includes extra cards and categories that I was guided to create as we all step into new possibilities for ourselves. These categories are 4 powerful expressions of the human journey, a map of the 4 pillars of experience that are contained within us all. Each program may be experienced on its own as well as a set of your choosing.
Illumination of Lemuria
Out of the gardens of the divine heart you bloomed, and back into the seed of life you go. Your heart is your most accurate GPS system, and this card is reflecting to you an awakening from deep inside. You have a memory, the origin inside of you, follow your desires to retrace the steps back into that blueprint. It is in this garden of your heart where you can truly remember, and begin to know the story of who you are. Bring in softer ways of being into life, treat yourself like the precious being that you are, allow harmony to guide you. Spent time as often as you choose in nature, as well as time being quiet with yourself. The garden is already inside of you – you hold the records.
Suggested Affirmation- “I receive the nurturing and healing of the Divine and awaken my inner Healer and Divine Blueprint”
Illumination of Atlantis
Out of the waters of the subconscious mind you were created and back to the waters you go. Your mind is an amazing, powerful tool and this card represents an opportunity to dial in to the part of you that is connected to your thoughts. Observe. What is your current relationship to the computer and all of its programs inside of you? Do you recognize that you have the capacity to be the ultimate programmer of your life and your entire reality? Being in the present moment grants you access to any and all answers that have been and will forever be. You are being shown at a clue here, your mind and your relationship with this clue is the gateway to your desires. Travel well.
Suggested Affirmation – “I receive the wisdom and creativity of the Divine and awaken my inner Physician and Library”
Illumination of Sacred Contracts
Out of the depths of your soul’s memories you have now made the connections and back to those memories you shall return. Through galaxies, lifetimes of experiences, the wheels of karma, and choices, you have returned to this now moment to reconnect and finish what you started. They say that our souls recognize each other and this card signifies that truth. You have agreements, arrangements, and scripts to unite with others, and when you come together, all the fractals of the self, begin to be revealed. There is a cosmic power stream that begins to flow when we realize we have already designed many of the contracts we have. Free will is the master key to unlock your truest story. Sign on the dotted line.
Suggested Affirmation –  “I receive understanding of the patterns in my life and understand my journey with clarity and love.”
Illumination of Starseeds
Out of the Stardust that formed the galaxies your spirit was born, and back into the cosmos you go. You may be having a sense of longing- a pull to “go home “and this card appears to remind you that you are already home. The wanderer in you has been activated as you know there is a far grander plan in you then you have been told, and you are willing to step outside the box to claim yourself. Be the guide, not the follower, as when you know the star inside of you is always navigating you to destinations in your dreams you become the maker of the maps. Be the star that you are, that is your true cosmic mission.
Suggested Affirmation – “I receive the love of the Cosmos and awaken to my true Nature”
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