Contains frequencies for the following:
1.  Initiation into the Fabric of the Universe.
2.  Releasing/ Completing Karma  A natural anesthetic. Removes pain physically, energetically, and karmically. Gifts your organs with a sense of security, safety, peace, and love, inspiring them to function optimally.
Affects us on the lowest plane, namely that of our physical body and energy.
3.  Quantum Remembering
4.  Release from Belief Systems.
5.  Christ Consciousness, hypersensitivity, Pyramid Frequency (inside). Instantly stimulates the Pineal gland which is our Third Eye.
6.  Dimensional Openness.
7.  Facilitating Change –   Just as guilt and fear can be an obstacle along the path to growth, so too can the traumatic experiences we’ve gone through that weigh heavy in the back of our minds.  Washes away negative memories and influences from our mind and soul, helping us change our perspective and face the present moment with renewed spirit.
8.  The “MI” tone is the “love frequency.” to return human DNA to its original, perfect state. central to creation and to restore inner equilibrium, increase awareness, repair DNA, and stimulate transformation. Returns your DNA to its original, perfect state, repairing DNA. When used with intention, miracles will happen. It increases the amount of life prana, life force energy, clarity of mind, higher awareness, spiritual awakening, and enhanced creativity. It also enhances deeper peace, joy, dance, and celebration. Will open you for enlightened spiritual experiences and returning to spiritual order your true self, helping you live more authentically.
9.  Becoming The Ultimate Creator of your Life
Connect To Creation
10.  Attracting Positivity, Luck and  Abundance
11.  Infinite Possibilities, Walking through the Abundance Gate
Contains Mana of the Big Island of Hawaii where my roots are.  Mana is the spiritual life force energy or healing power that permeates the universe

7 comments on “QUANTUM LEAP

    • Aloha Dulari, Yes you can 🙂 It is recommended to limit 3 microcurrent programs per day. If you use the coil or without the wires you can try more than three but do watch for detox symptoms. Headache, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, diarrhea. If any of those occur Ground yourself by walking outside barefoot, turn down the intensity or run the program less frequently.

  1. Aloha Derek!
    I just wanna thank you sincerely. I have used the frequency of Quantum Leap and Wealth &Abundance for 21 days. I recognized that the opportunities, surprises, unplanned journeys and innovations have increased signally during these 21 days. Moreover, my point of view has changed about money, wealth and abundance substantially. Positiveness follows me everywhere 🙂 All these things have happened thanks to you. I’m whole-hearted grateful to you. Lots of love💕💕💕

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