When we feel a little lost every now and then, that’s when Looking Inward comes in handy. There are times when we even think of ourselves as born failures and that is why so many people go as far as committing suicide — it’s because of their inability to take the burden of being human.
Being Human means our foremost duty is towards ourselves. This is where spending time alone with yourself becomes the most crucial part of an individual’s life.
The program is meant to:
1. Help you understand yourself.
We experience things as per our own perceptions. Just imagine the kind of havoc we are capable of creating if we have no specific idea about our personality, desires, and values.
That is why it is extremely crucial to take time out for ourselves and understand what lies within.
2. Give you a clearer picture of the surroundings.
Once we are attuned to ourselves and our desires and perceptions, we are better able to clearly picture what we want the world to be. Looking inward is very beneficial in this regard.
Ever wonder what you could have done during a dispute when you were just too absorbed to make up your own opinion about the entire thing? Here’s where Looking Inward enters the picture.
3. Make you wiser.
Once you detach yourself from worldly distractions and noise, you will be able to connect to your soul and actually think about it.  This is how Looking Inward can make you wiser. The best part is, you can learn without committing any mistakes.
4. Make you soulful.
Looking Inward unites you with your lost soul.  It is believed that every individual encompasses internal energy.
To be at peace, it is crucial to stay connected with that energy, because it gains its strength through your mind’s energy.
The more you think, the more you conciliate your inner spiritual self.  When you think about yourself and question your existence, this energy becomes powerful enough to make you feel at rest and peace.
5. Liberate yourself from anxieties.
When we are attuned to ourselves, we soon realize that there is no point in worrying over the things that are not under our control giving us a sense of freedom.
This freedom does not mean that you can do whatever you want to do without taking any responsibility for your actions.
Looking Inward helps you attain this sense of freedom with responsibility. When you take accountability for your actions, things automatically become less stressful.
6. Helps you become an empathetic person.
People who understand themselves, are able to understand other people as well. They are not among those sympathy givers who do nothing to help the person in need.
Being well attuned to your own feelings allows knowing exactly what the other person wants in a particular situation and helps to better assist them.
7. Broaden your horizon.
When Looking Inward thinking about yourself for a while, you will be able to figure out what you want to do with your life.
8. Helps you grow as an individual.
When we start thinking about ourselves, we realize that nothing can stop us from becoming better individuals. We grow spiritually, emotionally, and physically in all dimensions.
This is the time when our personal needs stretch for the benefit of others who are in need or suffering. And that is the highest level of ownership that an individual can show towards humanity.
Looking Inward includes frequencies for the following :
Centering – which stimulates mental clarity.
Coming to Yourself – which reduces fear. 
Connection of Personality and Spirituality– Dreaming the best and Fulfilled living while you changed your matrix.
Past Life Regression – to resolve past life traumas or conflicts.
Self Awareness – for increased mental ability, focus, alertness. For awareness of self and surroundings.
Past Life Knowledge – to regulate energetic communication between Spirit and Higher Self.  Assists to overcome negative attitudes and manifesting higher spiritual qualities.  Facilitates drawing on past-life knowledge.
Inner Peace – for bringing us inner peace.
Inter-awareness of Self & Purpose – Inter-awareness of self & purpose through contact with spirit guides for direction.
Introspection – for helping you understand yourself giving you a clearer picture of the surroundings.  For Making you wise and more soulful.  Liberates you from your anxieties.   Helping turn you into an empathetic person. Broadens your horizon allowing growth as an individual.
Feeling Unity with Everything – for  Enhancement of receptivity and balancing with the Earth’s Resonance.
Inner Awareness – for Inner Awareness.  Aids in  Crystal clear meditation, lucid dreams, enhanced inner awareness, facilitates easy access to inner resources & creates space for inner peace + self-renewal.
Shamanic Consciousness – for the experience of becoming unified with the Power of the Universe. To experience this is to go beyond knowing, beyond awareness, and beyond death. This is to go into the essence of being, into what some would call consciousness.


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