Frequencies for
Mental Concentration
Intellectual Organization  connecting Left and Right brain
Blood Circulation
Serotonin Release
Intelligence Clarity of Thought
Positive Thoughts
Energy and Vitality Stimulant
In order to send your custom program(s) to your Healy device, I will need your PRACTITIONER TAN. This can be found by logging into your Healy PINK DOT app and in the menu (near the bottom) is an option titled PRACTIONER TAN. You will need to ENABLE this and send me the 9 digit code that is generated. It is very important that you also select “OK” once the code is generated.
Please include your TAN in the  NOTES SECTION when submitting your custom program order!

1 comments on “FOCUSED BOOST

  1. I’ve never been MORE focused! It’s incredible to be able to concentrate again. I thought perhaps it was old age…I was wrong! Thank u Derek!! 💓

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