What is going on in the world is also a reflection of the ascension process of humanity as a whole.  You are experiencing both your own personal ascension and also that as a member of the human collective.
To push the ascension process forward, there are increasingly powerful fifth-dimensional energies now streaming in that are offering great opportunities to shift into 5D consciousness and experience greater joy, harmony, peace, and beauty.
This shift into 5D is a shift into an entirely new reality in which everything is changed, both within and around yourself.  So keep remembering that you are in the process of profound transformation.   Issues arising must be seen clearly for what they are, acknowledged, accepted without judgment, and resolved, and then released.  There are no accidents here: your Higher Self knows exactly what is needed for you to shift into 5D, and it is bringing the unresolved traumas, wounding’s, miscommunications, misunderstandings, out-of-alignment relationships, and misguided actions to your attention so that they can be released.  And it’s understandably going to take some painful bumps, some losses, and a great deal of uncertainty and confusion as you make such a huge shift.  But if you keep focused on your destination and the purpose of all the purging and loss, you’ll see it makes it much easier to endure through it.
Stay in the Present Moment
It’s helpful to realize that most anxieties tend to arise out of imagined future events and situations.  The danger that might happen in the future, based on your perception of what is currently happening, and what has happened in the past.
When you pop into the present moment during a time of emotional crisis, you’ve probably realized that there is a sense of reprieve, a feeling of pause, clarity, and comfort.  What has happened is that, in coming totally into the present moment, you have entered 5D consciousness, where anxiety does not exist.
Have Compassion for Yourself
Remember to always have compassion for yourself, no matter what is happening, or what you have done or said.  The issues creating your anxiety may be profoundly painful ones, some that have likely been stored in your unconscious for many years because they were too difficult to fully experience when they happened.  But know that if they are now arising, you can handle them, you can resolve them.  The powerful fifth-dimensional energies available at this point are here to help you do this much more easily and more quickly than in the past.
Anxiety is there for a Reason
It is pointing to something that needs to be resolved or balanced so that your ascension process can continue.
If you are going to keep moving forward in your ascension, these issues causing anxiety need to be dealt with.
These issues arising must be seen clearly for what they are.  Acknowledge them and accept them without judgment.   When resolved they are then released. There are no accidents here: your Higher Self knows exactly what is needed for you to shift into 5D, and it is bringing the unresolved traumas, wounding’s, miscommunications, misunderstandings, out-of-alignment relationships, and misguided actions to your attention so that they can be released.
Trusting is the Key
Trust that Source will continue to support and guide you and keep you safe. This is a huge leap of faith you may have to make, but this is what is required.
In the process of fully trusting, you enter into 5D consciousness.  Here you discover that whatever you need always comes to you in perfect timing in the perfect way.  There’s no stress or impatience or fear.  If a choice or decision needs to be made, it’s clear what it is, and you make it.  You feel held in a divine safety net of comfort.
You will also discover something very important, that your only true security ever comes from Source. It does not originate from anything outside of you.  Outer security, in the end, is only an illusion.  For you to finally discover this happens when all outer supports you mistakenly thought were keeping you safe may disappear, at least for a while.
Your 5D Self is a multi-dimensional Self.  A gloriously awake eternal Being that exists in an entirely new reality.  Shifting out of an identity you’ve had for so long into something so radically different and unknown and although exhilarating in some ways, can also be really frightening because of all you have to let go of in the process.

 5D contains 5 frequencies for the following 

  • This frequency allows us to vibrate in our natural state which is the frequency of Love.  As we are experiencing the transformation into the golden age of consciousness, we become more aware of the battle between light and dark.  By Vibrating in this Higher frequency we break the chains of the dark fear-based controls system that has engulfed the planet/solar system. WE ARE ONE
  • This frequency assists in using the power of our minds to have enough faith in ourselves and allow ourselves to create the reality that is the best and highest good of all, not just the life we want but the world we deserve. CALL TO ACTION
  • This frequency helps you to have Faith and Trust and in your relationship with the Higher Self, your relationship with the Divine, your Connection to the Universe. Helps our Spiritual growth by releasing attachments to the way we think things should be and quieting the voice of our ego so that we can hear the voice of inner wisdom.  HAVE FAITH AND TRUST
  • This frequency helps remind yourself that when you ASK, You Shall Receive.  The Angels are here for you! You just need to ask and give them permission. Give them your fears and your worries. Then be open to receiving in unexpected ways.  ASK AND YOU WILL RECEIVE
  • This Frequency reminds us what our connection to the Angelic Realm is leading us along a Divine path as they commend our courage and commitment to bring forth the light and dimensional changes at this time of great change. CONNECTION WITH THE ANGELIC REALM
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  1. I love to reread the descriptions of your programs after I use them a few times because then I ALWAYS find myself saying “that’s WHY…!” It’s incredible how, for me your descriptions r true to my experiences. I have miracle after miracles happening in MY life and in everyone’s life that is around me. My extraordinary changes affect EVERYONE in my household, I can see that now. Thank u Derek!! Life is GLORIOUS!!

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