Your cat’s purring is in a special frequency, which has many health benefits for the purring cat and humans. The soothing vibrations carry helpful therapeutic effects for both our physical and mental health.
All cat species have purr frequencies between 20 Hertz and 150 Hertz with the exception of the cheetah.” The cheetah purrs at 25, 50, 100, 125, and 150 Hertz.  This corresponds exactly with  6 of the best healing frequencies which are included in this program.

The 7 Important Cat Purring Benefits for People:

A Minnesota study and extensive decade-long research revealed that people, who don’t own cats, are 40% more likely to die from heart complications and illnesses. It’s crazy how much the cat’s purring sounds can increase your life span.
It is because purring decreases and normalizes our heart rate.
Studies from the United Kingdom proved that it’s more enjoyable and relaxing to sleep with a feline partner than a human one.
The participants slept better because of their pets purring close to them. The purring is a relaxing sound to listen to, and the more relaxed you are, the easier you will fall into a deep, rejuvenating sleep.
It’s much like any other white noise sounds that people like to listen to at night, such as rain, ASMR, and so on.2.  Better, more peaceful sleep
Purring can also help with making breathing easier whenever you have difficulties or shortness of breath.
You may feel like you’re not getting enough air in your lungs, but the purring vibrations mimic the rhythm of inhaling and exhaling. That makes it easier for your lungs to follow the pace and stabilize the calming waves of breathing in and out.
Of course, it won’t work if you have a cat allergy.
Many things in our daily lives can cause our blood pressure to get higher than it should be.
Directly bad influences on blood pressure are unhealthy habits like drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, or even being around smokers for long enough.
In addition, stress also causes blood pressure to go up. Any kind of activity that causes us to develop anxiety can lure us into turning to wrong and harmful ways of coping with it.
A great way to cope with it is to just go back home to your furry little cat friend and let them do their magic to relax you and ease the stress. The purring will lower your blood pressure and give you a better solution than cigarettes and alcohol.
Gary Weitzman, a veterinarian at San Diego Humane Society, reveals more detailed information about the frequency of cat purring. It ranges between 20Hz and 150Hz, which is the perfect range of vibrations for faster healing in humans.
“Bone responds to 25-50Hz and skin and soft tissues to around 100Hz according to researchers.”
This includes all kinds of pain from wounds, swelling, infections, joint immobility, broken bones, tendons, and soft tissue.
Cats very rarely experience joint or bone problems exactly because of that reason. Their purring helps them be in good condition all the time and heal faster from any injuries. So the idea is that cat purrs can have the same healing benefits as humans.
If you agree with that, then keep your medicine close, and your cat closer.
The frequencies most optimal for making bones stronger are 25-50Hz. The second most optimal range is 100-200Hz. It’s no surprise by now that cat purring falls into both of those categories.
If you’re wondering how cat purring can affect something as tough as our bones, then think about how you exercise. You put physical pressure on your body for it to become stronger.
Bones get sturdier and harder when they are subjected to high-intensity pressure. That’s how vibrational therapy works. Through training, the bones and muscles rebuild and reinforce themselves.
That process of strengthening and healing back can be done with low-frequency vibrations, too, instead of high-frequency ones.
That’s how the cat purring benefits can be helpful for developing a healthy body and mind.
The muscle soreness afterward is also included in the purring benefits package.
Petting a purring cat on your chest is a hypnotizing feeling in the best way possible. Every cat owner knows how relaxing it is to listen to the sounds of your cat being relaxed.
Most of the time, we have no idea how much stress and anxiety we actually suppress from our daily lives. It can lead to problems with the immune system as well as vulnerability to diseases, and high blood pressure, as mentioned before.
The psychological benefits of purring may be harder to notice or believe, but the physical benefits are facts proven by years of research.
If cat purring can help with healing bones and muscles, it should be safe to believe that it can calm your nerves down and reduce your anxiety.
Another thing, which affects our mental well-being greatly, is the feeling of loneliness.
A bonus benefit of having a cat purring next to you is that it offers psychological support.
You have an affectionate companion that enjoys spending time with you, relies on you, pays attention to you, and loves you. Human relationships often bring many negative emotions, but a relationship with your furry pet can provide many positive benefits and peace of mind.
Our mental health is in good paws.
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