The Peace and Love custom Healy program contains frequencies for:
  • Mental and Astral Projection
  • Endorphin Production used with electroanalgesia
  • Release of Endorphins
  • Happiness Booster, Feel Good, Known as Runner’s High
  • Feelings of Euphoria
  • Good Feelings, security, well-being, balancing
  • The resonance of the Moon. It represents love, sensitivity, creativity, femininity and anima (The anima and animus can be identified as the totality of the unconscious feminine psychological qualities that a man possesses or the masculine ones possessed by a woman).
  • Replicating the effects of Marijuana
  • Feelings of Well-Being, Harmony, and Balance
In order to send your custom program(s) to your Healy device, I will need your PRACTITIONER TAN. This can be found by logging into your Healy PINK DOT app and in the menu (near the bottom) is an option titled PRACTIONER TAN. You will need to ENABLE this and send me the 9 digit code that is generated. It is very important that you also select “OK” once the code is generated.
Please include your TAN in the  NOTES SECTION when submitting your custom program order!

4 comments on “PEACE & LOVE

  1. Hi Derek!

    I think this would be better represented if you had updated information in your description.

    Endorphins are not responsible for the runner’s high it is endogenous cannabinoids & endocannabinoid receptors throughout the body.

    Once finances are more online I’d like to purchased some of your creations.

    Blessings, Peace & Love

  2. Wooooowza!! My fiance and I needed this!!! It felt like a great reset and way to end weekend and start new week!! We love ❤️ this program!!! Thank u!!!

  3. I restructured my water with this program yesterday. I don’t know how I lived without it!! Anytime I forgot I restructured it, the instant feeling of well-being…reminded me!! Thank you Derek!! 😊

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