Earth’s Heartbeat has been created with Alpha, Theta, and Gama Brainwaves to heal the body and mind as energies connect.

7.83 Hz is combined with 6 other frequencies to facilitate the following:

Physical, emotional and mental health in humans.
Healthy DNA formation in humans and mammals.
Psychic phenomena.
A healthy sense of being grounded and centered.
A healthy form of protection against harmful electromagnetic fields (EMFs).
An enhanced state of creativity, cognition and learning.
Improved ability to handle stress.

Increases in frequency create increases in consciousness, and when our consciousness increases, we have greater awareness—and that’s what gamma brain waves are. Gamma brain waves, which can be more than twice as high as high beta brain waves, represent an aroused state in the brain, however, they are not connected to the survival states of emergency mode, but correlated with a kind of super consciousness and awareness, as well as higher amounts of love and compassion.

In order to send your custom program(s) to your Healy device, I will need your PRACTITIONER TAN. This can be found by logging into your Healy PINK DOT app and in the menu (near the bottom) is an option titled PRACTIONER TAN. You will need to ENABLE this and send me the 9 digit code that is generated. It is very important that you also select “OK” once the code is generated.
Please include your TAN in the  NOTES SECTION when submitting your custom program order!

4 comments on “EARTH’S HEARTBEAT

  1. Ecco come iniziare. Assicurati di inviarmi il TAN,
    1. Apri la tua app Pink Healy.
    2. Sulla barra dei menu, clicca su TAN Therapist.
    3. Dovrai Abilitare poi vedrai un codice di 9 cifre/lettere. Questo serve per trasferire il programma al tuo Healy.
    4. Clicca su OK per sbloccare il tuo TAN nel cloud e darmi l’accesso per aggiungere il programma.
    5. Ti fa sapere che i programmi sono stati trasferiti
    6. Vai alle impostazioni e controlla gli aggiornamenti quando sono completi
    7. Torna alla barra dei menu e clicca su Programmi Terapista e dovresti vedere i tuoi nuovi programmi, altrimenti fammi sapere.

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