The Treasure Chest is a new and exciting option for Healy owners who love custom programs!

This is where you can store extra programs that do not fit on your Expert Programs (previously called Therapist Programs).

Here is how it works.

The Expert Programs (previously called Therapist Programs) database on your Healy device has room for up to 12 custom Healy programs. For a one-time fee of $25 USD, you will be given a storage area for programs you purchase from me so that you can keep them instead of deleting them to make space for additional programs.

The programs can be exchanged back and forth by sending me your EXPERT TAN and the program(s) you would like to store or transfer.

2 comments on “TREASURE CHEST

  1. Does the treasure chest mean I’ll have access to all my programs purchased from you on one page? Just like the section for job/ sleep w all the programs likr fine flow, bed rest etc

    • Aloha Ananda, Since you have 12 spaces for programs in your Expert Programs Page, the Treasure Chest is where programs that are purchased from from my collection are stored till you want to use them. You need to message me to have them switched from the Treasure Chest to your Healy and visa versa.

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