WOMB ACTIVATION SERIES – Womb Gate 1 TRUST and the Yoni Lips




WOMB GATE 1  TRUST and the Yoni Lips


THEME: Nurture GATE KEY: Gratitude GATE: G-Spot


The Yoni Lips hold the keys to the most sacred entrance to your Temple.


When the feminine can truly drop into full unapologetic Nurture of her body, her Spirit, her Heart and her Yoni Temple she begins to realize that Nurture is her life blood.
When flying in a plane they say to “fit your own mask first!!” There is deep wisdom in this saying that many miss.
If you cannot Nurture yourself first, you will not be able to fully show up in the world for others.
Nurture is the most selfless act you can do – yet we as humans treat it like it’s a luxury to sometimes permit and “spoil” ourselves with.
It’s simple – If your cup is full to overflowing you can feed, nurture and water the world around you with ease. If you give from an empty cup, you simply drain yourself of lifeforce and become a stressed out, overwhelmed version of yourself who can only give a drop here and there.
Nurture is not a LUXURY
Nurture is a NECESSITY

Gratitude in its pure form is the key to the Sacred Waters. When you can vibrate Gratitude you can gain access to the Second Gate the G Spot.
The level of Gratitude we are looking for here is the welling up that cracks open your heart, that wells up in your chest and flows over in sacred tears .
When you can truly allow yourself to open to Gratitude, life begins to respond differently to you. Like a beautiful flower that receives the perfect amount of sunlight and water, life begins to bloom open into a colourful spectacle of bliss filled moments awakening you to a new level of life on Earth beyond that which most people can see and feel.


When you can drop into your heart and allow yourself to lure her out the G-Spot may well open the most incredible Mysteries to you.
Approach your G-Spot practice with gratitude for pleasure, gratitude for your body, gratitude for the mysteries and gently coax her out from hiding to reveal her secrets to you.

Stop here at the entrance and take a
moment to truly consider what it is to hold a
Temple here within your body, here within
the most sacred part of yourself. A place
where only those who take the care to pause
at the Temple door and ask for permission to
enter are worthy of the deep journey that the Feminine will take them on.
It is not a journey to take lightly as here they need to leave all they know behind and take the leap of full trust to be taken by you on a journey of the Mysteries of the Feminine
YET there are not many who truly see and
feel the sacredness of this journey and so
here we stand at the first Gate ready to
reclaim who you are, ready to reclaim your
Temple, ready to reclaim your Sacred Yes
and your Sacred No.


For the Desired State of



  • Connection to Trust
  • Connection to and healing of the Labia Lips
  • *Healing of Shame

Affirmations to use which are also part of the program


I trust myself
I trust the greater Divine/Universe
I trust God/Goddess
I trust life
I trust my YES and my NO
I know my YES and my NO
I heal the parts of myself that have felt violated by myself and others
I am able to know when to trust others
My Labia Lips feel safe
My Labia Lips are loved
I heal my Labia Lips from all past trauma and pain
My Labia Lips are perfect as they are
I open to my full pleasure capacity in my Labia lips
I release all shame from my body
I release all shame from my sexual self
My body is beautiful
My sex is mine
Contains Mana of the Big Island of Hawaii where my roots are. Mana is the Spiritual Life Force Energy or healing power that permeates the Universe.

This Program is 2nd of a Series of 8 programs.  Each program is $48.00.  There is a discount for all 8 programs $340


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