The Orion’s Belt Frequencies assist us to connect with the supportive energy of the Starseeds, who’s purpose is to change and elevate the collective consciousness of Planet Earth, spreading ideas, behaviors, and energies that are higher than the current level of the planet & the energies of the constellation of Orion to reveal the deep messages from the universe to your soul. Now is the time to allow ourselves to take the journey into the light and transform your connection with your true self.

Contains frequencies for the following:
It is a time of awakening a strong communication with spirit, awakening psychic ability is launching us forward on our path.
This energy allowing us to face our largest challenges and develop higher levels of trust and faith.
This is the time to let our questions lead us in a new direction, proof of the answers we seek can only be found in the heart.
Combining our technical mind with our spirit self. As we continue our awakening now is the time of the knowledge of the heart connecting the brain in the heart with the head.
There is a high energy/light level changing and shifting our beautiful planet and our consciousness at this time.
It is a time of questioning what we want in our personal lives but also what we want and expect from each other, our careers and even our government.
It is time to use our creativity and not just think “outside the box” but realize the only box, is the one we have created.
Recycle the box, move on and create something new.
Our DNA is our link to the Matrix. It is time to turn the Matrix and use it( instead of letting it use us). Shift the use of the Matrix to create the world that serves us and our true nature of unity, caring and love.
We are the Star seeds of Light, we agreed to forget who we are when born as humans.
Many of us came with a special mission to serve humanity in some way. We are now awakening to who we truly are and sense that something spectacular is about to happen.
We are here to assist humanity in the awakening process by being who we are and shining our light.
Helps you to remember that you are actually a Multidimensional Being, a higher expression of your own Multidimensional SELF, where you are capable of so much more, without limitations.
Your fifth dimensional conscious self resonates beyond all limitations of time and space. You can experience EVERY reality you have ever had on Gaia within the fifth dimensional NOW. Within that NOW, you can heal all incarnations on Earth that you have ever taken, through your fifth dimensional Unconditional Love. Once these incarnations have been healed, you can transmute them back into your innate higher frequency of SELF.
Please remember that the fifth dimension is NOT a place as we understand it. The fifth dimension is a frequency of reality.
YOU can experience that reality by expanding your consciousness, and thus your perceptions into the frequency patterns of the fifth dimension. Remember, the fifth dimension has ALWAYS been there, just beyond your perception.
As you expand your consciousness, you expand your perception. It is with your expanded consciousness that you will not only perceive but create your higher dimensional planet, Creators…Create…….
Many have been struggling for multiple lifetimes to clear our karma.
Now is the time to let the struggle go and balance the two energies as both positive and negative energies are necessary.
It is time to integrate the energies.
It is time to reap the rewards from the struggles.
The lessons and messages have been brought forth for the planet and its people have finally heard.
We can finally let go of the heartache and pain, our loving and accepting nature has bought for independence.
We are free, our words and teachings have been heard. We are appreciated more than we thought, more than we know.
The protection you need physically & emotionally is available to you as you assist the planet and her people through the life changing energetic changes. Ask the questions, suggest the new ideas, think and grow “outside the box”. Open to your true nature.
This is the time others will look to your leadership. Yes, the same guidance you have facilitated all along. It may not have been taken in the past but it was remembered, it was heard and filed away for the right time.
The time is NOW! You are and have been valued more than you can imagine.
To develop and maintain the flow within those from Orion, privacy and time alone are needed to re-charge. Remember to care for self in the way that best serves you. You may feel uncomfortable in large classrooms and learn best alone or in small groups. Your nature is to question the world around you.
You have the ability to see details around you. Others may miss these detail and perspectives.
You are naturally playful but have a tendency to change from playful to self-critical quickly. Remember you are some of the first volunteers who answered the call to help earth. We honor you for your service and sacrifice.
Now it is time to begin the process of turning the reigns over to the second wave of volunteers and take care of yourselves.
Look within and complete your own journey, your journey to the home within.
As we go through strengthening our connection to spirit and our psychic abilities in new ways, we are taking it to the next level and actual changes are taking place.
We may be verbally short with ourselves and others, expecting new levels of perfection.  Go easy on yourselves as these adjustments are made and changes take place.
We are learning new skills and it takes time for these adjustments to complete.  As we become who we are meant to be.
The ultimate goal of this life experience is the spiritual journey.
Where does this journey take us? What if it is not a place but a state of being? We have simply forgotten that we are multi-dimensional beings.
The journey is to remember who we are. This is not referring to the limitation of a physical being.
Our true being reaches into the cosmos, past the great central sun to source consciousness. We are a thread or cell of the source each having its own experience, path or journey to growth.
All levels of consciousness can be found within, leading to the highest self.

Affirmations to use with the Orion’s Belt Program
1. I AM one with God-Source.
2. I AM one with my Infinite Self.
3. I AM fulfilling my Spiritual Mission now!
4. I AM vibrating in my highest frequency and truth now!
7. I AM communicating clearly with my multidimensional Self.
8. I AM radiating love and harmony to ALL humanity now!
9. I AM receiving my spiritual directives to fulfill my divine purpose now!
10. I AM glowing in inner illumination!
11. I AM a fully awakened, multidimensional, conscious Spiritual Being!
12. I AM communicating clearly with my Infinite Self in each and every moment.
13. I AM one with Divine Clarity and Pure Understanding.
14. I AM living my truth and standing in my empowerment now!
15. I AM one with Infinite Wisdom and Divine Intelligence.
16. I AM Love.
17. I AM Light.
18. I AM wholeness.
19. I AM peace.
20. I AM compassion.
21. I AM full of gratitude in each and every moment!

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