Ho’oponopono means reconciliation and forgiveness. But not necessarily directed at another person. In our vibrational, connected Universe, any good that you send out is ultimately received back to yourself. If you believe that you create your reality, and that you are responsible for your life, then you have to accept that you create everything you experience. Ho’oponopono is like pressing the reset button. It is a spiritual cleanser: you use it daily just like you’d take a shower and remove your make-up. It clears out the negative energy accumulated and removes any bad feelings towards yourself or others. It brings the practitioner to an emotional state of zero.
“If we can accept that we are the sum total of all past thoughts, emotions, words, deeds and actions and that our present lives and choices are colored or shaded by this memory bank of the past, then we begin to see how a process of correcting or setting aright can change our lives, our families and our society.”- Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona
It is becoming widely accepted that illness is caused by a disruption to the emotional balance, and Ho’oponopono is a method of resetting that emotional balance to maintain a healthy mind and body. So imagine how good it would feel, before you go off to sleep every night, to have all your negative and unbalanced emotions discharged. How easily you could let go of those repeating thoughts and worries. How much faster you would get to sleep.
These are the Intentions that have been placed into the Ho’oponopono Program


I perceive that I was suffering, and that connects me with my feelings. I oppose the problem from not but recognize my learning task. I or my ancestors (am connected through you energetically, genetically and by tradition and history) have caused suffering. I am now free of that debt through the power of the spoken word.


Please forgive me that I or my ancestors have disturbed you consciously or unconsciously of our development. Please forgive me that I have acted against the divine laws of harmony and love. Please forgive me that I judged you (or the situation) and yet disregarded our spiritual identity and solidarity in the past.


Thank you, because I understand that the miracle is already underway. I thank God and the angels for the transformation of my request. Thank you, because what I received and what will happen is what I deserve by the law of cause and effect. Thank you, because through the power of forgiveness I am now free from the energetic bondage of the past. Thank you, that I am allowed to recognize, and associated with the source of all being.


I love you, and I love myself. I see and respect the divine in you. I love and accept the situation as it is. I love the problem that has come to me to me to open my eyes. I love me and you unconditionally with all our weaknesses and faults.

Contains Mana of the Big Island of Hawaii where my roots are.  Mana is the spiritual life force energy or healing power that permeates the universe.

4 Simple Affirmations to use with the Ho’oponopono Program
1.  I Apologize   Saying sorry – The first step is to admit that you may have harmed someone or something, and so show remorse and ask for forgiveness.  This can be incredibly difficult and painful to face up to, but it’s an important part of the entire process.
2.  Please Forgive me   Asking for forgiveness – The desire for forgiveness must be sincere and honest.  With you asking forgiveness and someone, or something, part of the healing process is to ask for that forgiveness.
4.  Thank You   Showing gratitude – Gratitude is an incredibly powerful, positive emotion that involves being truly thankful and appreciative for something.  By expressing a heartfelt “thank you” you are opening yourself to receive forgiveness and love.
4.  I Love You   Expressing love – Giving love and showing someone else that you have love to give will make a real difference to your life, and those around you.  Love has unbelievable healing powers, this emotion transcends physical actions. It brings together our emotional and spiritual sides.

Ho’oponopono Benefits

There are numerous benefits from practicing Ho’oponopono, and each person will have their own experiences.
Some of the benefits are:
You will become more aware of how your actions affect others
You can let go of negative feelings and bad experiences
You will have greater empathy and compassion for others
You will be able to find a deep, true peace of mind
You will experience being thankful for all you have
You will find forgiveness in whatever situation you’re asking for
You will feel a deep sense of love for yourself, others, and the universe

Ho’oponopono reminds us that the mind, body, and spirit are connected – and this practice helps us cross these boundaries and find true forgiveness.
YOU have the ability to change everything with Ho’oponopono



Ho’oponopono is $44. The Angel number has certain properties:
Angel number 44 Means practicality, hard work, foundation, and grounding.
The Angel number 44 is also the master number referred to as the master healer.
The Angel number 44 is a message from the universe asking you to pay attention to your intuition and inner wisdom as your connection to the spiritual realms is strong at this time.

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  1. Hello…I’m new to Healy and came across an awesome testimony on HoOponopono! I couldn’t be more excited 🙌 I’ve been doing emotional healing for many months and I’ve learned much however it now feels like the Healy is going to do final clean up and help me maintain my new vibrations!

  2. I just purchased and am running it. I had no idea I’d notice the difference soooo quickly!! The feeling of bliss is soooo strong, I feel as though I’m floating on clouds. Whaaaaaat? This is sooooo powerful!! Tears of joy r running out. This is remarkable!! I had no idea that custom programs even existed!! Thank u Derek!!! Thank u!!!

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