A combination of frequencies working together to help navigate the process of aging.

Contains frequencies for the following:

ATP Production – plays a major role in skin rejuvenation.

Iron – supports vitality and life energy. Good for energy imbalance and

Selenium – an antioxidant, enables thyroid hormone production, boosts immune
system, good for mental health and cell replication.

Cellular Regeneration 

Releasing DHEA and Brain Endogenous Opiates (Anti-Aging)

Cortisol Reduction (Hormone associated with Stress and Aging)

Melatonin Production (Decreases aging process)

HGH Production – Aids in the anti-aging process of reversing graying hair, thickening hair and lashes, tightening skin, accelerating wound healing, increasing stamina, sharpening vision, improving cognition, improving sleep quality, enhancing mood, and much more.

Collagen Production – for healthy and youthful skin, stronger hair, promotes joint and cartilage health, deeper sleep, increased athletic performance, improved digestion and gut health.

DNA Regeneration 

Stem Cells – to combat the signs of aging at the cellular level, throughout your entire body.

Immune System Boost – Research has shown that a healthy immune system can combat the effects of aging.


Affirmations to use with the Fountain of Youth Program
I look younger and healthier every day.
I maintain a youthful appearance by constantly seeking joy in every new day.
I maintain a youthful appearance by constantly thinking positive thoughts.
I plan to live a long and vibrant life.
I radiate youth and vivacity in all that I do.
I wake up every morning one day younger than yesterday.
In spirit I have eternal youth, so I let my spirit shine through every day.
My belief in my soul’s eternity is reflected in how I look and feel.
My healthy eating habits support my desire to remain young and vital.
My life is dynamic and fun.
My positive mental attitude makes me look years younger than I am.
My skin glows with youthful radiance.
My thoughts and beliefs keep me looking eternally young.
People constantly remark on how young I look.
The cells of my skin continue to regenerate and renew just as they did in my youth.
The fine lines on my face are getting fainter and fainter.
The universe provides me with the secret to eternal youth.
Through the power of my thought and belief, I have reversed the aging process.
Today I bless my being with infinite youth.
With every breath I take, I am bringing greater and greater youth into my life.


1 comments on “FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH

  1. I JUST started using this program today and I KNOW its already working. The affirmations ALONE started my de-aging process and feeling the glorious clouds in my body, I have no doubt I AM GETTING YOUNGER!!
    It’s so wonderful that now almost all my thoughts r filled with your beautiful affirmations that I say before running ea program. I catch myself automatically saying “I am getting better and better, in every way, everyday!” without even realizing it! 😊 thank you Derek 😊 💓 ☺️ 💗!!

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