This is a Negative Entity Cleaner for removing unwanted Entities from your Field.


Entity or spirit attachment generally affects 6 key forms –
Feeling chronically tired, drained and depleted of energy
Sudden onset of aches and pains in the body
Scratches, bruises and marks on the body with no seeming cause
Peculiar sensations such as pains, buzzing, crawling or tingling sensations
Sleep paralysis
Bursts of negative emotion such as anxiety, fear, guilt or panic attacks
Low mood, depression or persistent sadness
Relationship conflicts – uncharacteristically fighting, arguing
A gut feeling that something isn’t right
Brain fog – inability to focus, feeling confused or dazed
Disturbing nightmares or persistent images of faces
Hearing voices or an inner negative self talk and criticism
Repeating patterns of self sabotage or negative behaviors
Feeling detached, disassociated and distant
Sensing another presence or feeling watched
Seeing lights, orbs, mists, shadows, figures or silhouettes
Feeling that you are being touched
Environmental Surroundings
Cold areas in your home
Pets growling or looking at something that you can’t see
Noises – tapping, knocking, footsteps or voices
Bad smells that can’t be located – e.g body odour, cigarette smoke
Electronic items glitching, malfunctioning or breaking
Losing items that show up later
Feeling blocked, unlucky and stuck or obstacles, challenges and setbacks constantly put in your way
Healing always interrupted or nothing works
Attempts to remove entities always thwarted
Demons and Negative Entities don’t like the frequencies in this program which raise your vibration and align with your divinity

Affirmations to use with POSITIVE LIGHT
  • I command all parasitic and unbeneficial entities, to come out of my Spirit, my Soul, my Mind, my Subconscious, my Heart, my Consciousness, out of my astral bodies and physical body, out of my Chakras, out of my DNA, out of my energetic sphere and all my existences, and to align outside the sphere of protection now.
  • Entity…., I command you to burn all the contracts and their copies that you have with me now, definitively and forever!
  • Entity…., I command you to return to my Spirit all the energy of my Soul, of my Heart and of my Mind from any point in time and space in that entire parallel universe now, definitively and eternally!

Contains Mana of the Big Island of Hawaii where my roots are. Mana is the spiritual life force energy or healing power that permeates the universe.

2 comments on “POSITIVE LIGHT

  1. This has to be the most powerful of all the programs I have tried. I feel sooooo much lighter and back to my authentic present self! Thank u!!

  2. Update: my daughter recently moved in and expressed that she was seeing shadow people and that felt she was being watched. I ran the Positive light on her and all the negative shenanigans stopped!! Also, my 5 yr old grandson had been refusing to sleep in his room for 5 months. I went to their house, I ran the program in EVERY room and he has slept in his room EVERY night since!! Thank you Derek 😊 💓 ☺️

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